• Portable PC with 3U cPCI chassis
  • 20 - 3000MHz frequency operation
  • Up to 150 hours storage of digitized narrowband data (1.25 MHz max. BW)
  • Tunable DDC output for signal recording and/or monitoring/demodulation
  • High Speed A/D Input card with on-board FPGA
  • Processing Modules for automatic detec- tion and processing of PMR, LRCT (HPCP), cellular, etc.

The TriaSys Technologies RForce Product Line provides the effective solution for portable investigation and surveillance of the Radio Frequency (RF) environment. RForce combines COTS hardware with intuitive user interfaces, to provide an affordable package with easy setup and effective operation. With flexibility in mind, RForce integrates modularity, expandability and mobility into the system architecture. RForce can not only be easily configured to a customer's specific requirements, but it can also be expanded at any time, and readily reconfigured, even in the field.

The flexibility of the system makes RForce truly mobile, enabling fast, easy deployment. RForce is equally suited in any situation, from a static HQ, to a mobile command center, to a tactical vehicle, or even a rental van. The system requires less than 400 watts steady state AC power - easily converted from vehicle 12VDC with a standard commercial inverter.

RForce is a single console, with a rich selection of functions. Each function is developed, tested, and perfected individually, then integrated into the system as a finished component. These functions are referred to as modules. When a new capability is needed, the RForce architecture allows for each capability to be self-contained and ready to "plug in" as an RForce Module. Modules can be purchased with the initial system, or added at any later date. The system will automatically configure for any modules present, recognize and reconfigure for any new modules, and will perform in its previous mode when that module is removed. With integral modularity, RForce is able to adapt to rapidly changing signal environments, and adjust to new and developing technologies.

RForce delivers value, eliminating the need to buy a new box when requirements change. Because new modules can be added to RForce to obtain new functionality, the need for purchasing new hardware is eliminated.

RForce provides flexibility, mobility, modularity, and expandability which are critical to meeting customer needs across a variety of today's complex missions and adjusting to meet new challenges as they develop.

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