Signal Collection Server for Telecommunications Signals

  • Bulk Signal Collection of Voice, Modem, Fax, ISDN, SS7, DCME, and GSM A-bis/TRAU signal types
  • Automatically determines the signal type of every input in real-time
  • Recording of Voice Channels and SMS/MMS messages carried over SS7 and GSM A-bis links
  • All signals are labeled and sorted for bulk storage based on their signal type
  • Includes management applications for file management, transcription, playback, and configuration
  • The SCS is compatible with the WinDemod Application. This enables operators to demodulate, process and analyze any file stored on the SCS

Model 4000

The Model 4000 is a high capacity signal collection server. The following is standard with every Model 4000:

Signal Collection Server

Input Capacity

Choose up to three (3) of the following modules:
  • PCM Module: 4 E1/T1 Streams (2 trunk pairs)
  • Analog Module: 32 Analog Input Channels


  • 2U Rack Mountable (3.3 inches)
  • 110-220 Switchable

Storage Capacity

  • Up to 40,000 channel-hours of uncompressed storage

For additional product information, please request the datasheet below