High-Speed, High Resolution, Compact IF Data Acquisition System



  • Accepts IF signal input from 10 KHz to 300 MHz
  • Up to 105 MHz signal collection bandwidth
  • Deep 4 GByte snapshot/buffer memory
  • Direct integration with SIGNALWORKS®
  • Compact, rugged, portable packaging
  • Open interface specification, with universal software for Windows, Solaris, and Linux
  • 12-bit high resolution digitizer with 210 MHz maximum sampling rate
  • High speed USB-2 Interface for fast signal downloads or streaming
  • Circular buffer for easy collection of hopping or burst signals
  • Internal digital tuner for up to 5 MHz collection bandwidth
  • Network TCP/IP interface for local or remote operation
  • DC operation, or "universal" AC power supply

General Description

SigDigIII™ is a high-resolution, high-speed data acquisition system specifically tailored for digitizing radio IF signals - a complete stand-alone system with a network interface.

The SigDigIII™ incorporates all the features that have made the SigDig line popular, such as deep memory, built in sampling clocks, combined wide band and narrow band capability, signal playback, and network connectivity. This newest generation provides 105MHz of bandwidth, 12-bit A/D resolution and a high speed USB 2.0 serial interface.

The compact size and ruggedness of the SigDigIII™ make it ideal for tactical and mobile surveillance applications. SigDigIII™ is housed in a compact, rugged, extruded-metal case, and is powered by DC or any worldwide AC source. Since it can be remotely accessed over any TCP/IP network, the digitizer can be deployed in a "leave-behind" scenario. As a companion to a laptop computer, it is the ultimate portable signal collection and analysis station.

Ease of use is a hallmark of Signami Digitizers. Whether using the universal cross platform software, the premier SignalWorks™ analysis software, or writing custom software to the open network interface, nothing beats the simplicity of the SigDigIII™.

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