Portable Signals Acquisition and Analysis System

  • Widescreen Toughbook laptop running Windows 7
  • Seamlessly integrates SigDig digitizer and SignalWorks® signals analysis software
  • Works with your antenna and receiver to cover communications signals from HF to Microwave
  • 20.45 seconds snapshots at 210 MHz sample rate (maximum bandwidth); longer times at lower rates
  • Real-time continuous collection and demodulation of supported narrow band signals - produces readable text for selected formats
  • Entire system weighs just under 30 lbs
  • Includes transit case with handle and wheels for easy transport
  • Powered by 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz, or DC

Powerful, Easy to Use Signal Collection and Analysis Capabilities in a Compact Portable Package

TriaSys Technologies' Phoenix™ system is the ideal tool for the acquisition and processing of communications signals in the field or operational environment. SignalWorks® software is hosted on a semi-rugged notebook computer and coupled with the high-performance SigDig digitizer to become the Phoenix system. Even though the system is small, light, and portable, it sacrifices nothing in terms of performance or ease of use.

The SigDig digitizer has 4 GB of internal high-speed storage allowing for long, contiguous, wideband snapshots to be captured from any communications receiver for detailed analysis down to the demodulated bit level. In addition, the SigDig offers tuning and decimation to allow narrowband signals to be processed in snapshot mode (from built-in memory) or alternatively to be streamed to disk continuously. Larger wideband snapshots are processed in a "batch" mode over the USB 2.0 high-speed interface or 100BaseT Ethernet connection.

The SignalWorks® software suite performs external signal parameter determination, demodulation with adaptive equalization, and bit stream analysis, display, and manipulation. At the bit level, SignalWorks® also offers clear text display of selected signal formats and/or audio level processing. Since all commands are point-and-click on the familiar Windows OS, operation of all features is easy and intuitive. See the SignalWorks® datasheet for more details

For additional product information, please request the datasheet below