H/V/UHF COMINT Monitoring and Collection Systems

Modern wideband systems for real-time monitoring and collection of H/V/UHF communications

H/V/UHF COMINT Monitoring and Collection Systems


  • High performance wideband receivers
  • State of the art high-speed signal acquisition and processing software
  • Flexible multichannel DDC capability
  • Multifunction wideband and narrowband DVR capability
  • Integrated Signal Recognition and Demodulation options

TriaSys delivers innovative, COMINT solutions, through in-depth systems engineering and domain expertise in electronic warfare and signals intelligence applications. TriaSys delivers solutions that are based upon widely adopted industry standards, to meet exacting requirements for rugged, SWaP-constrained, and performance optimized systems. Collaboratively engaging with key customers and partners at the sub-system level, allows our customers to focus on their core competencies and alleviate the risks associated with technologically advanced system design and integration.

By leveraging strong relationships with key partners, TriaSys provides custom solutions that meet each customer’s requirements. TriaSys solutions are designed to work with industry standard state-of-the-art RF tuners and digitizers, from HF, V/UHF to microwave. Extensive software options to perform wideband signal acquisition, automatic signal detection and classification, as well as digital signal demodulation and decoding are available to provide a wide range of capabilities that are scalable from small single channel applications to large multichannel networked collection systems. TriaSys’ experience in database and networking architectures provides for solutions complex integrated systems for larger customer requirements.

TriaSys provides extensive program and lifecycle management services to customers in the defense and signals intelligence communities where mission success is the only option. TriaSys program managers work closely with the customer, throughout the program’s milestones, to drive alignment of program execution plans with a focus on proactive management of schedule, risk, and affordability. Addressing and overcoming schedule and technical risks that success hinges upon, TriaSys also facilitates technical on-site and field support services and configuration management to ensure predictability and availability throughout the program lifecycle.

For more details on how TriaSys can meet your custom requirements please contact us at info@triasys.us .