H/V/UHF COMINT Monitoring, Collection and DF Systems

Modern wideband systems for real-time monitoring and collection of H/V/UHF communications with Integrated Direction Finding capability

H/V/UHF COMINT Monitoring, Collection and DF Systems


  • High performance wideband receivers
  • State of the art high-speed signal acquisition and processing software
  • Flexible multichannel DDC capability
  • Integrated Direction Finding capability
  • Multichannel DF input capability integrated with
  • Multifunction wideband and narrowband DVR capability
  • Integrated Signal Recognition and Demodulation options

With extensive experience in COMINT and Electronic Warfare solutions, TriaSys is able to deliver COMINT solutions that include Direction Finding and Geolocation capabilities.

Solutions using state-of-the-art Direction Finding technologies, including ultra-wideband, compact DF sensors, are available for integration into complex COMINT requirements. These capabilities, when integrated with other TriaSys COMINT systems offerings, provide for a complete COMINT solution providing the user with geolocation and signal monitoring in one system.

Systems can be tailored to ground, air and shipboard installations, with DF sensor arrays designed for the smallest footprint necessary based on the application.

For more details on how TriaSys can meet your custom requirements please contact us at info@triasys.us .