TDM Communications Demodulator



  • IF Inputs: 455kHz, 10.7, 21.4, 70, 140 and 160MHz
  • Rates up to 50Mbits/sec or 25Msymbols/sec
  • PSK, QAM, MSK, and FSK demodulation
  • FEC: Viterbi, Reed/Solomon and Trellis decoding
  • Self Synchronous and Additive PRN/LRS decoding
  • Demultiplexing for levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 TDM
  • Programmable PCM demultiplexing
  • Stored library recall for signals of interest
  • VGC audio output monitoring
  • Three USB interface ports provided
  • Built in translation for Pre-D record and play-back
  • Dual removable hard drives

General Description

The 7500TR PCM Demodulator, in conjunction with any phase stable receiver, provides the capability for real-time demodulation and analysis of standard or nonstandard TDM transmissions.

The 7500TR runs on the Windows® 2000 Professional operating system, with a user friendly GUI. General self testing is provided through a built-in-test-equipment (BITE) modulator.

The 7500TR has a programmable PRN descrambler for Self Synchronous and Additive PRN formats. The 7500TR can decode A-Law, Mu-Law, ADPCM, CVSD and Sign Magnitude encoded Voice Grade Channel (VGC). The unit provides for monitoring channel activity on digital and VU VGC channel displays.

For additional product information, please request the datasheet below