31 Channel CCITT E1/T1
Voice Channel Audio Monitor Unit



  • 31 Channels in a Single Unit
  • Simultaneous VGC Audio Outputs
  • Accepts TTL Data/Clock or HDB3
  • 8 Bit A-LAW 2, 3, 4, and 5 bit decoding
  • CVSD 1 through 8-Bit decoding
  • 8-Bit Sign Magnitude decoding
  • Programmable for Standard or Non-Standard PCM formats
  • PCM Bit Rate 56Kb/sec to 8Mbps
  • Self Synchronous up to 32 Taps Additive
  • PRN Decoding up to 32 Taps with Present Insertion
  • Bit Decoding for NRZ-L, NRZ-M, NRZ-S with Data Inversion Selectable
  • VGC decoding for 1 through 8 bit algorithm
  • 1016 Bit Frame in an 8 Mbps channel
  • Library recall for Primary/Special format file
  • Daisy-chain multiple units for greater channel handling capacity
  • Windows® remote control with Ethernet interface
  • Self-Test BITE mode
  • Standard 19" rack mount
  • 110/220 Universal Power supply


The VCM-7500 provides simultaneous voice channel monitoring for all channels within any E1 transmission. Non-standard framing and demultiplexing can also be accommodated. Each voice grade channel (VGC) may be programmed for A-Law, Mu-Law, ADPCM, or CVSD decoding. The VCM-7500 can be programmed from the front panel or from any Windows based computer.

The VCM-7500 is rack mountable in 3.5 inch (2U) housing. Audio outputs from each VGC are available on BNC connectors on rear of housing. Multiple housing can be connected in series to provide additional channel output for ADPCM and CVSD formats. E1 CCITT (ITU) and T1 standards compatibility.

For additional product information, please request the datasheet below