COMINT and Signal Processing

Products and Systems for Signal Analysis and Identification, Signal Collection



Signals analysis suite

  • Automatic detection of external parameters
  • Flexibility to process standard and non-standard SOIs
  • Bit level processing and analysis
  • Demodulates over 40 types of modulation schemes
  • Available for Windows and Linux



IF based acquisition and playback for flexibility

  • Embedded digital tuner
  • Streaming and snapshot capability
  • Deep snapshot memory (4GB)
  • USB and Ethernet interfaces

Phoenix System


Portable, tactical survey system

  • IF to intelligence in a system
  • Plug-and-play, ready to use analysis package
  • Collection and analysis of SOI
    • SignalWorks pre-installed on a Panasonic Toughbook, a TriaSys SigDig digitizer, and carrying case
    • Capture, analyze, and playback signals at IF



Powerful Real-time TDM demodulator with adaptive equalization

  • Satellite and terrestrial microwave link reception
  • Real-time demodulation of both standard and non-standard links
  • Up to 4 levels of TDM demultiplexing
  • Able to be operated remotely

Signal Collection


Signal Collection Server (SCS)

  • Bulk call collection of voice, modem or fax carried on telephony circuits
  • Full processing of ISDN, SS7, and standard ITU-T signaling
  • ITU-T standard DCME analysis and decompression capability
  • GSM A, A-bis processing
  • Storage capacity up to 80,000 channel-hours of uncompressed data



FSK, VFT, Modem and Fax Demodulation Software

  • Fully automated signal processing
  • Processing of ITU R-Series and V-Series Telex/modem standards
  • Processing of non-ITU FSK, VFT, PSK, and QAM signals
  • Automatic detection and fast-training on dial-up modems and FAX
  • Supports real-time analysis and collection of audio input